At Detection Pest Services, our competitive edge rests in our ability to help your Utah business maintain its competitive edge. Serving the State of Utah, we tailor effective pest-control programs to meet the specific needs of your business while keeping an eye on budgetary restrictions and environmental concerns. Detection Pest Services rapid, personalized response to your call for help sets us apart. Detection Pest Service clients enjoy access to a personalized dispatcher dedicated to your account.
Our unique approach to eliminating pest issues from your business incorporates the following strategy:
Inspect: We will inspect your commercial property for pest activity and pest entry points.
Customize: We will customize a targeted treatment solution to meet your company’s pest control needs.
Analyze: We will analyze the outcome of our treatments and take corrective action when undesired results occur.
Report: Using industry specific PestRoutes software, we will report our findings back to you in an effort to prevent future infestations.
Detection Pest Services provides a 24 hour emergency response time on our commercial pest control treatments.

DPS provides commercial pest control services throughout the State of Utah. No matter what type of business or industry, our commercial pest control solutions will eliminate insects and rodent problems in and around your facility. And we always customize a solution to suit every company’s unique pest control needs.
Multi-unit Residential Complexes
Office Complexes
Food Services

Every industry in every market relies on its competitive edge. For many industries, effective pest remediation and control programs sharpen that edge. In restaurants, lodging, hospitality and retail, for example, the sight of an insect or rodent has the potential to drive away customers for good. In healthcare, food processing, pharmaceuticals and long-term care, the presence of pests calls into question the integrity of your product or facility. In addition, persistent, unresolved pest problems can place at risk the health of employees and customers and possibly jeopardize the safety of your facility and the respectability of your brand. We are committed to protecting your business from damaging and irritating pests.